Terms of sale


  1. Leolan Food Srls, headquartered in Bologna (BO), Via San Donato 160, VAT No. 03706501206, registered in the business register of the Bologna Chamber of Commerce under number BO-540197, operates the website www.u-pack.it, through which it also conducts online sales of products acquired from suppliers located in the national and European territory.
  2. These general conditions are valid exclusively between Leolan Food Srls and any person, i.e. any customer, who makes online purchases on the named website, after registration on the appropriate form.
  3. The general conditions regulate the online sale between the seller and the customer, in particular the conclusion of the contract and the provision of the products offered on the website.
  4. General conditions may be subject to change. They are valid with publication on the appointed website.


  1. Subject of the contract: The subject of the contract concluded between the Selling Party and the customer is the product offered in the online catalog of the website and chosen by the customer. Client and seller are identified as follows:
    • Seller Leolan Food Srls, registered office Via San Donato 160 - 40127 Bologna, VAT no. 03706501206, REA BO-540197
    • Client: as per the data entered during registration on the site in the appropriate online form
    Registration is mandatory for the conclusion of the contract. The essential features of the product are described by the seller as best as possible on the website. Despite this, errors, inaccuracies and minor differences between the product depicted on the website and the actual product are possible. In addition, photos or images of products on the website are only representative and do not constitute an element of the contract. The product as described is offered for sale by U' Pack and purchased by the customer with a contract concluded exclusively via the Internet, by accessing the named website, and by carrying out the order process as indicated on the website. Before proceeding to the confirmation of the order, the customer agrees to read and accept these general conditions of sale.
  2. Pre-contractual information: The customer, before the conclusion of the purchase contract, shall take note of the characteristics and qualities of the products offered. The customer is informed before the confirmation of the order with obligation to pay, according to d.lgs.n. 206/2005:
    • Of the total price, including taxes, shipping and delivery charges, and any other costs;
    • Of payment methods;
    • Of the mode of delivery;
    • Of the conditions, terms and procedures of the right of withdrawal;
    • Of the circumstance that the customer will have to bear the cost of returning the goods in case of withdrawal;
    • Of the legal warranties regarding the purchased goods.
  3. Conclusion of the contract: The product chosen by the customer in the seller's online catalog is moved to the "shopping cart." After the customer has accepted the shopping cart, he/she is obliged to fill out the order form completely and correctly. The conclusion of the contract takes place when the customer has accepted the purchase with the obligation to pay the price and any ancillary charges (such as shipping costs) and has received from the seller the respective confirmation by e-mail to the e-mail address indicated by him. The confirmation contains the order number, price of the goods purchased, shipping and delivery charges, delivery address, and the link to be able to print and save the copy of these general conditions.
    The Selling Party reserves the right not to accept orders or to suspend the execution of already confirmed proposals in case of payment anomalies or irregularities. In such a case, the selling party reserves the right to request additional information or documentation from the Buyer.
    The Selling Party may refuse the conclusion of the contract or terminate the same, without giving any right to compensation or claims whatsoever, in case the Buying Party does not accept the contractual conditions in their entirety or refuses to provide any additional documentation necessary for the conclusion of the contract such as in case of anomalies or irregularities in payment. Of all such occurrences the Selling Party will notify the Purchasing Party in writing.
    The customer agrees to verify the accuracy of the personal data contained in the above email and to notify the seller without delay of any changes and/or additions.
  4. Minors: Minors may not enter into contracts with Leolan Food Srls according to the indicated procedure. Purchasing on the U' Pack site is therefore restricted to those over 18 years of age, whose quality is declared according to the procedures provided on the site.


  1. All product sales prices and shipping and delivery costs shown on the website and in the order confirmation are also inclusive of VAT, as required by law.
    Prices are in Euros.
    Prices for products, shipping and delivery and any other charges are shown and calculated during the online order, before payment.
  2. The customer agrees that the seller may change prices at any time. In any case, the prices indicated on the website at the time of telematic submission of the order and at the time of communication of the confirmation apply.
  3. All products are shipped directly from Italy, however, in addition to the price for the product, the buyer is also responsible for the cost of shipping and delivery. In the case of shipment to a non-European country or to countries where provisions provide for import charges, the prices for the products and delivery shown on the website and in the order shall be considered, unless otherwise indicated, excluding any customs duties and corresponding taxes.
    These costs are to be borne solely by the customer and are paid by the customer directly at the time of delivery, in the manner and subject to the limitations stated in the order confirmation.


  1. Payment for the price of the product, as well as shipping and delivery, is made in advance by one of the methods indicated in the order form on the website.
  2. For online orders placed through the website, payment by credit card, prepaid credit card, PayPal or bank transfer is accepted at no additional cost to the buyer.
  3. The Selling Party is not in a position to know the information relating to the bank accounts or financial, asset and personal information of the Buying Party and can therefore in no case be held liable for any fraudulent and/or illicit use of the forms of payment used by the Buying Party or third parties to the detriment of the Buying Party or third parties, during the purchase and/or payment transactions of the goods on the site.


  1. Shipping and delivery of the product ordered by the buyer are made only to the countries listed on the website, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  2. In addition, shipping, that is, delivery is made to the address provided by the buyer in his order, by a carrier or courier chosen by the seller. The approximate delivery time is given on the website and in the order confirmation. If delivery cannot be made on time, the buyer will be promptly notified by e-mail. Should the purchaser be absent at the time of delivery, he/she will receive a notice with how to contact the courier/shipping service in order to arrange delivery terms. In any case, the seller is not responsible for the delay or non-delivery of goods in the event of inaccurate or wrong addresses given by the buyer.
  3. Each delivery includes the product ordered, the relevant shipping document or accompanying invoice, any documentation required by the buyer's state of residence for delivery, and any informational or marketing documents.


  1. The seller is not responsible for delay or non-delivery in case of force majeure.
  2. The seller is not responsible for any interruption in operations or disruption in the use of the Internet beyond its control, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the seller.
  3. The seller shall not be liable to the customer or any third party for any damages, losses, or costs resulting from the non-performance of the contract for the above reasons.
  4. Nor shall the seller be liable for any use of fraudulent and illegitimate means of payment by third parties for the payment of the products ordered, where the seller can prove that it has taken all necessary precautions according to its current state of knowledge and experience and with due diligence.
  5. In case of conformity defects, the rules on legal warranty as stipulated in Leg. n. 206/2005.


  1. Pursuant to Leg. n. 206/2005, the customer has the right to withdraw from the concluded contract within the period of 14 days, without having to provide any reasons and without any penalty. The period runs from the day the customer received the products purchased on the website as shown on the courier or carrier's document. Revocation or withdrawal must be declared to the seller explicitly and in writing and must be approved in advance by the selling party.
  2. The right of withdrawal is in all cases subject to the following conditions:
    • products must be returned in full;
    • returned products cannot be used or damaged;
    • products must be returned in their original packaging;
    • products must be returned to the seller in a single delivery;
    • products to be returned must be delivered to the courier within 14 days of receipt of the product.
  3. In case of failure to comply with the terms of withdrawal, the seller reserves the right not to accept the returned products.
  4. If the right of withdrawal is exercised in accordance with the above conditions, the seller is obliged to refund to the customer the sums paid within 14 days of receipt of the returned products by bank transfer to the bank account specified by the customer, except for all shipping and delivery costs for the return, which are the responsibility of the customer. The return of products must be made by the buyer, at his or her own expense, via shipping service or courier at the buyer's choice and according to the standard rates provided by the chosen courier.


  1. In case of questions, especially before the conclusion of the contract, complaints or suggestions, the customer may contact: Leolan Food Srls, Via San Donato 160, 40127 Bologna (BO), contattaci@u-pack.it
  2. The customer acknowledges and agrees that all communications from the seller with reference to the purchase of products will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer at the time of registration.


The customer is informed that he/she obtains information about the processing of his/her personal data through the "privacy" link on the website.


  1. The law applicable to the contractual relationship is Italian law. Subject to the provisions on consumer protection, the place of jurisdiction for subject matter and territory shall be the place where the Selling Party has its registered office.
  2. U' Pack reserves the right to make changes to the content of this document and related documents (e.g. privacy notices and cookies) in connection with changes in legislation and/or market situation.


The purchaser declares, pursuant to Art. 1341 and Art. 1342 of the Civil Code, that he has carefully read the above general conditions of sale and has expressly accepted the following articles:

  • Article 6 (Responsibility),
  • Article 7 (Right of withdrawal),
  • Article 10 (Jurisdiction).