Original corporate gifts: our Mystery Boxes for your clients or employees!

Treat your corporate relationships to a culinary journey with our Mystery Box of Italian products carefully selected by our team

Corporate gifts for employees or customers:
Discover the best local Italian products thanks to U'Pack's Mystery Food Box license plate

U’Pack is inspired by the tradition of the pack for off-site students, with the aim of delighting you with the best traditional Italian products, with a focus on regionality and seasonality.

Inside U’Pack you can find canned goods, baked goods, pasta, pâtés and anything else that we think you might like

Our mystery boxes are suitable for you if you wish:

✅ Give year-end gifts to your employees:

Thank your employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the year by offering them a Mystery Box of carefully selected Italian products.

✅ Reward for best performance.

Motivate your employees to achieve ambitious goals by offering them a chance to win a Mystery Box of local and traditional products as a prize.

✅ Incentivizing customer loyalty.

Thank your customers for their trust in the company and their loyalty by offering them a Mystery Box as an incentive for future collaborations.

✅Survive at Corporate Events.

Offer participants a Mystery Box as a welcome gift or as a thank you for their attendance.

✅Creating Loyalty Programs.

Create a loyalty program for your customers and offer them a Mystery Box as a reward for achieving certain goals or as a welcome gift to the program.

🚛 Shipping is free to Italy

The suppliers of our food-themed Mystery Boxes.

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