Ceremony favors: unique and personalized Mystery food boxes to celebrate any occasion

Find the perfect wedding favors to make every ceremony special. Unique and personalized ideas for celebrating in style.

Choose unique and memorable ceremony favors to celebrate in style

U’Pack is inspired by the tradition of the pack for off-site students, with the aim of delighting you with the best traditional Italian products, with a focus on regionality and seasonality.

Inside U’Pack you can find canned goods, baked goods, pasta, pâtés and anything else that we think you might like

Our mystery boxes are suitable for you if you wish:

✅ Discover unique and unusual delicacies to celebrate in style

Surprise yourself with a selection of unique and unusual culinary delights to make your celebration unforgettable

✅ Add a touch of mystery and fun to your ceremony

Add a touch of mystery and fun to your ceremony with the excitement of discovering what is hidden inside each box

✅ Offer your guests a unique dining experience

Offer your guests a unique dining experience by giving them a variety of delicacies to taste and appreciate.

✅Customizing wedding favors to reflect the theme of the ceremony

Customize wedding favors according to the theme of the ceremony, creating a special keepsake that reflects your personality and style.

✅Save time and effort with our curated selection of original gifts

Save time and effort in your search for original gifts by trusting us to provide you with a curated selection of high-quality products and gourmet surprises.

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The suppliers of our food-themed Mystery Boxes.

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