Discover the mystery box that gives you the thrill of a culinary journey to discover Italian flavors and traditions.

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What is U'pack

U’Pack was born from the idea of the pack for off-site college students, but with the goal of bringing the best traditional Italian products to your table.

We are passionate about food and tradition, and we are committed to emphasizing the regionality and seasonality of raw materials, to always offer you the best.

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reasons to choose U'Pack

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✅ Mystery box with traditional Italian products, perfect for lunch

✅ Convenience compared to single purchase of made-in-Italy products.

✅ Fun and unique experience thanks to the mystery box surprise


✅ Wide selection of appetizer products, such as snacks, croutons, taralli, pates and more

✅ Convenience compared to single purchase of appetizer products.

✅ Fun and unique experience thanks to the mystery box surprise

No to Waste Pack

✅ Reduce waste: Local products with short shelf life to avoid waste.

✅ U’Pack collaborates only with local producers, enhancing Italian culinary traditions.

✅ Unique culinary experience: with carefully selected local and traditional products.

🚛 Shipping is free to Italy

Elevate your dining experience with the U'Pack subscription: discover the authentic flavors of Italy!

U Pack not è just a mystery box of food, but a real experienceza.

Tu qu want to live?

Single Purchase

✅ Single purchase offers the opportunity to discover the authentic flavors of Italy, carefully selected by our U’Pack Team.

✅ Your purchase ships for free with any type of box and price, making the experience even more convenient

✅ The single package is easy to order, just select your preferred box and wait for delivery to your home.

39,99 €

3-month subscription

✅ The 3-month subscription offers the opportunity to receive, in different mystery food boxes guaranteeing a variety of traditional Italian flavors.

✅ The subscription offers a discounted price compared to the individual purchase of each box, providing savings on the total price.

✅ The subscription offers an experience of surprise and discovery amplified by the variety of boxes available.

99,99 €

Gift Ideas

✅ U’Pack offers the opportunity to create original and high-quality gifts by customizing mystery boxes with selected products.

✅ U’Pack works only with local producers, guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of the products included in the boxes.

✅ We also offer personalized service for businesses, making the ordering experience quick and easy.

By quotation only

Secure payment, even by bank transfer!

U’ Pack guarantees you payments in total security thanks to encrypted data transmission via SSL protocol.

Payment available in 3 installments with PayPal

The suppliers of our food-themed Mystery Boxes.

Those who have tried it have no doubt!


Attention to detail packaging, products of the highest quality. Perfect as a gift idea and/or for tasting sought-after local products.



I tried this package and was very satisfied, the specialties I found were very good (homemade orecchiette, turnip greens sauce, olive pate, various crostini, all very good)
I wanted to find out if such a package would make a good gift idea, and it certainly doesn't look bad with this box.



Great service! fast delivery, low cost, excellent quality. Extremely recommended.


Explore Italian flavors with U'Pack's blog: stories, recipes and trivia about Italy's culinary tradition



In this section you will find the most common questions.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us by email at contattaci@u-pack.it or on WhatsApp

Absolutely not! You can also choose to buy a single box although, let’s face it, doing the subscription will benefit you.

Eh no! You don’t want to spoil the surprise, do you? What we can tell you is that our products are chosen with the utmost care from small and selected producers in Italy. Inside U’ Pack you can find canned goods, baked goods, pasta, pate, and anything else we think you might like. What are you doing, not trying it out?

No problem, for us you will never be just a customer, but one of the family. And you don’t make an attempt on the lives of family members, right? So if you have any allergies or intolerances, after you finalize your purchase, please email us at contattaci@u-pack.it indicating your order number and which products you do not want to receive.

We personally prepare every single box and make sure everything is perfect.

We ship to Italy and throughout Europe. For the world, the moon and the planets of the solar system we are gearing up.

You will receive U’ Pack in 4-5 business days. When the shipment is entrusted to the courier, you will receive an email with the tracking code.
If you have subscribed you will receive U’ Pack on a monthly basis. For example, if you subscribed on the 18th day of the month, you will receive U’ Pack every month around the 18th day. We will still send you an email upon the departure of each shipment.

Canceling a subscription is not the best idea you’ve had. For those, however, who no longer love us, we give the option to cancel the subscription.

If you would like to cancel a subscription, send us an email to contattaci@u-pack.it with the subject line “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.” We will refund you the difference

If you are a private individual, the law allows you to return the goods, exactly as received, within 14 days of receipt as shown on the shipping document. If you made the purchase as a VAT-registered or professional buyer, the regulations do not provide for the right of withdrawal.

No problem!
You can contact us via:

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Caesar Pavese

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